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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Excuses for not Blogging and other Madness in March

I'm back. I know, I've been neglecting my blogging duties for over a month. But I have some good excuses, I think. First, during February Laura and I were away for one week on a Caribbean cruise (great time despite some so-so weather). In addition, last week I was away in Texas for some work-related meetings. All I'll say is that San Angelo is a nice place to visit - great people, especially - but I don't think this Boston boy could live there...and that's despite the fact that you can get a house with a pool for under $100K! Try that in this city! But no, Texas just isn't my cup of tea.

What other constraints on my time have I been faced with lately? Well, of course there are my weekly TV obligations. I'm embarrassed to admit that Simon, Paula, and Randy have held me hostage three nights a week. In other "American Idol" seasons, the freakshow factor maintained my interest in the early rounds only, but this year's crop of contestants keeps luring me back each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Furthermore, I became surprisingly addicted to the Winter Olympics last month. In particular, I enjoyed witnessing douchebag Bode Miller (see previous post) become arguably the biggest bust in Olympic history. What else? Well, NCAA March Madness is starting today (I really like BC's chances this year). Oh, and of course, as St. Patrick's Day approaches, I'll be doing my best to celebrate my Irish-American heritage with regular appearances in the local bars. Actually, I got an early start last Sunday. I've found that among the many positive reasons for having a lovely girlfrind who lives in Worcester is that I have a viable excuse for attending both the Worcester and Boston parades on successive weekends. Like the city of Worcester in general, Wormtown's St. Patrick's Day celebration is very underrated (no cover charges!!) If Laura lived in Braintree or Holbrook, for example, it would be tough to justify trekking out on the Mass Pike to attend that St. Patty's celebration but now I have a perfectly defensible excuse! I also have to try to get in shape for the 5K road race that I'm running in on Sunday...oh well, at least I have some excuses if that doesn't work out.


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Ha! Somebody said something nice about Worcester! Well said!

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