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Monday, October 22, 2007

Boston = Winnerville!!

Twenty years from now, these will be known as the "good ol' days" for Boston sports fans. The Sox are going to the World Series, the Pats are 7-0, BC is ranked #2 in the country, the Celts will likely have the best team they've had since the 80s, and even the Bruins are knocking on the door of relevancy. Enjoy these days while they last!!! Bring on the Rockies! I can't wait for the series to start.

Does anyone else think that it was a little strange that Kevin Millar was at Fenway last night to throw out the game's ceremonial first pitch??? Yes, he's a former Sox player from the historic 2004 World Series championship team. Yes, he's a fun, engaging personality known for starting the 2003 rally cry "Cowboy Up" and infamous for having admitted to swilling some Jack Daniels before a game or two during the 2004 season. The particularly unusual fact of his appearance as Red Sox guest though is that he's currently employed by another MLB team, Sox AL East rival Baltimore Orioles. I'd be a little pissed off if I was an Orioles fan (not sure if they still exist) seeing Millar essentially saying, "I really wish I was here with you guys but I'll take my paycheck from the Orioles, thanks."