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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Some questions that need to be asked on yet another rain-soaked spring morning in Boston: First, when will this dismal weather end? We're well into June now and I don't think I can take yet another day like this. And, secondly, where do all of my lost umbrellas go?? It seems like I buy a new umbrella every couple of months but they have the staying power of a Larry King marriage. If I had a cache of broken ones lying at home, it would be understandable, but this morning I couldn't even find any of those. Where do they all go? I know if Laura reads this she'll tell me, using my words of course, that I need to develop "a better system." She'll also probably accuse me, again using words that she has co-opted as her own, of "mailing in my performance" in writing my blogs lately. I'd agree with that....I need to get back into the writing groove. Hopefully, some sunny weather within the next week or two can give me some inspiration.


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